Private use
Church room
23 m2
Views to
Viewing lounge
Olivera Room
30 m2
62 m2
Cadí Room
56 m2
Puigmal Room
46 m2
El Tronc Lounge

The layout of the rooms respects the original structure of the house which means that all of them are spacious and comfortable.

Church Room

A magnificent terrace overlooking the church for enjoying lingering sunsets. This large bedroom has a double bed plus the option of an additional bed. Large bathroom with shower. TV and Wi-Fi.

Anteroom / Viewing lounge

Public rooms for relaxing in while contemplating the Pyrenees, reading a good book or spending an entertaining hour or two playing board games.

If both rooms on the first floor are rented by the same family or group, the two public rooms can be incorporated with the bedrooms to form a private area.

Olivera Room

This room has a dining area and a fully-equipped kitchenette, as well as a television, sofa and Wi-Fi. The spacious bedroom has a double bed and a balcony with views over the interior courtyard and the 300+ year old olive tree. Full bathroom with shower.

Thanks to the huge walls of the farmhouse we have been able to accommodate three rooms on the second floor, all leading off another large room.

Each room has been given a different name depending on its views.

Puigmal Room

Designed for four people with the option of adding another bed, comprising two very spacious bedrooms affording spectacular views of the Pyrenees with the mountain of Puigmal in the centre. The dining area has a fully-equipped kitchenette, sofa, television and Wi-Fi. There is also a full bathroom with shower.

Cadí Room

Comprising two bedrooms, each with a full bathroom, and a dining area with a kitchenette which links the two rooms. One of the bedrooms has a separate entrance and can be converted into a double room en suite. There are wonderful views towards the Cadí mountain range.

Montserrat Room

Offering spectacular views of the mountains of Montserrat, the two bedrooms are spacious enough for an extra bed. One of the rooms has a terrace overlooking the interior courtyard.The room is equipped with a full kitchenette, sofa, television and Wi-Fi. It also has a full bathroom with shower.

El Tronc Lounge

This lounge connects the three rooms on the second floor, and if the whole floor is rented by a single group it becomes a private lounge.