Mas Torigues is surrounded by meadows and woods which isolate it from the hustle and bustle of the world so you can enjoy all the things that you never have time for.

You can take a walk to the parish church of Sant Joan d'Oló just 2 km away from Mas Torigues. The new church of Sant Joan took over parish functions in 1643. It consists of the church, the rectory, a small cemetery and a connecting building, and inside there are still three magnificent Baroque altarpieces, making up a unique and very beautiful whole.

Would you like to know what the old vineyard huts were like?

Throughout the municipality of Oló there are examples of different vineyard huts, which today should be regarded as examples of our rural architectural heritage.

What about the mills?

People subsisted on grain which was only suitable for consumption once it had been milled, hence the need for the mills. You can still see the remains of some of those mills in Oló today.

What else can we do?

Signposted pathways for a leisurely walk or cycle ride.
Swimming pool in summer
Grass sports pitch
Quiet nooks in which to escape, relax, read a good book…

What if I want to go a little further afield?

Visit the prehistoric Caves of Toll
Visit the Monastery of L'Estany
Visit the Ecomuseum of El Moianès
See the Museum and birthplace of Rafael Casanoves
Visit the ‘ice wells’
Tour the region’s vineyards and wineries
Visit the city of Vic
Visit the city of Manresa